INTERCARGO affirms leadership role in representing dry bulk shipping

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INTERCARGO reiterated its commitment to a safe, efficient, high quality and environmentally sound dry bulk shipping industry at its semi-annual meetings held last week. The Executive Committee and the Technical Committee convened over two days via video-conference, and the meetings were presided over by Chairman Dimitris Fafalios, Vice-Chairman Spyros Tarasis, Vice-Chairman Uttam Kumar Jaiswal, and Technical Committee Chairman Tom Keenan.

The agenda focused on the need to urgently resolve the humanitarian crisis faced by seafarers under Covid-19 and other associated crewing issues; DryBMS as a quality standard for the dry bulk sector; initiatives for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; the safe carriage of cargoes; bulk carrier design standards; the investigation of bulk carrier casualties; ballast water management; implications of the sulphur limit on fuels; and piracy threats.

As per a release, the key outcomes of the meetings were:

Crew changes and vaccinations: Top of the agenda was the continued lack of universal recognition of seafarers as key workers. Despite the industrys efforts, and the active support of INTERCARGO, seafarers continue to be overlooked by world governments, facing a lack of both access to medical services and an efficient and prioritised worldwide vaccination programme.

Dimitris Fafalios, INTERCARGO Chairman, reiterated: While the UN IMO and global maritime organisations efforts must permeate every area of the shipping industry, urgent action outside the maritime sphere is needed by government leaders at the highest level. Universal commitments for collective action are imperative to resolve the seafarers humanitarian crisis and to keep global trade moving. Coordinating a worldwide vaccination programme for seafarers is an urgent priority.

DryBMS A quality standard for the dry bulk sector: The Association reviewed the progress of the scheme, following the public consultation which was launched earlier this year. A historic milestone for the dry bulk sector, INTERCARGO and RightShip are founding partners of DryBMS, under which safety, environmental and operational excellence are promoted through company self-assessment.

GHG: INTERCARGO discussed its active engagement in the IMO deliberations regarding the finalisation of short-term measures, comprising the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicators frameworks. Following an initial version, INTERCARGO has also co-sponsored the updated proposal for the $5 billion R&D industry programme to catalyse the vital research and development needed to help shipping meet the UN decarbonisation goals.

In the context of measures designated as medium-term ones, INTERCARGO has been since long a leading proponent within industry organisations of the reopening of the Market Based Measures discussion at IMO, and affirmed it will maintain a leadership role for its membership and the dry bulk sector.

Quality & operational excellence of INTERCARGO membership: The Association shared with its members its latest annual Benchmarking Report for dry bulk carriers, which again demonstrated that vessels registered with INTERCARGO continue to significantly outperform industry averages in respect of both detentions and deficiencies per inspection.

Membership of INTERCARGO is widely recognised by the shipping industry as a marker of excellence, and this exceptional record is a testament to the quality of the Associations membership, which continues at the historic high levels of 2020, a doubling since 2017, the release added.