Export of millets to Denmark further boosts organic product shipments

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In a major boost to organic products exports from the country, the first consignment of millets grown in the Himalayas from the snow-melt water of Ganges in Dev Bhoomi (Land of the God), Uttarakhand is set to be shipped to Denmark.

APEDA, in collaboration with Uttarakhand Agriculture Produce Marketing Board (UKAPMB) and Just Organik, an exporter, sourced and processed ragi (finger millet) and jhingora (barnyard millet) from farmers in the state for export. These meet the organic certification standards of the European Union.

UKAPMB procured millets directly from the farmers, which were then processed at the state-of-art processing unit built by Mandi Board and operated by Just Organik.

Export of millets to Denmark is expected to expand opportunities in European countries, thereby supporting thousands of farmers who are getting into organic farming. Millets are gaining a lot of popularity globally because of their high nutritive values and for being gluten free, said a release.

Meanwhile, Indias export of organic food products rose by more than 51% to Rs 7,078 crore ($1,040 million) during April-February 2020-21 compared to the same period in 2019-20.

In terms of quantity, export of organic food products grew by 39% to 888,179 metric tonnes (MT) during April-February 2020-21, as against 638,998 MT. This was achieved despite the logistical and operational challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the release emphasised.

Oil cake meal is a major commodity in organic product exports from the country, followed by oil seeds, fruit pulps and purees, cereals and millets, spices, tea, medicinal plant products, dry fruits, sugar, pulses, coffee, essential oil, etc. Indias organic products are exported to 58 countries including the US, the European Union, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Switzerland, Israel and South Korea.

In order to facilitate trade between major importing countries, negotiations are underway with Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, the UAE and New Zealand to formulate Mutual Recognition Agreements for export of organic products from India, the release added.